Soft Play Hire

Host the Perfect Children’s Party with Our Soft Play Hire
A children’s party is never complete without soft play hire. At Bounce Around, we offer some of the most popular soft play hire options that you’ll find. With over 12 years of experience in the inflatable hire business, we’re guaranteed to give you the most competitive rates in the whole of Glasgow and the surrounding areas.
If you’re not sure about soft play hire, then here are a couple of pointers that will help convince you.
Large selection of soft play hire inflatables to suit any space or need
Suitable for young children, toddlers and teenager
Inflatable ball pools and slides
Far cheaper than taking the children out to a leisure centre
Delivered straight to your doorstep
Set up by our team of professionals
Quality designs with lots of different themes and colours
All of our inflatables are PIPA tested and certified annually
All electrical equipment is PAT tested and safe to use at your children’s party
All inflatables are supplied with safety equipment and public liability insurance
Surprise the Children with Our Inflatables
Kids love to play on inflatables and adults love them for their safety and how great they are at keeping your children occupied.
Inflatables can have slides, ball pools and climbing areas that the children will love to play on. It’s quick to inflate and set up, and they’ll be eagerly waiting to jump on and start having fun.
For many children, it’s a dream come true to finally be able to play on a bouncy castle. They can bounce around, play with their friends and do it all inside of a safe and controlled environment with no risk of danger.
Picking the Right Inflatable for Your Party
Before you decide which soft play hire inflatable to pick from, here are a couple of pointers that you should consider.
How much space do I have? All of our inflatables require at least 2ft clearance on all sides and an additional blower unit will be placed at the rear of the inflatable. This is for safety reasons, so we urge you to accurately measure out how much space you have so we can help you pick the correct inflatable for your needs.
How many children will be attending? At Bounce Around, we offer many different types of soft play hire inflatables. Let us know how many children will be attending so we can pick the right inflatable for your party.
What age are the children attending? Let us know the age range of the children attending and we can pinpoint which inflatable will be suitable for your needs. Not all inflatables are suitable for all children. For instance, small children will likely prefer to play in ball pools and slides as opposed to a bouncy castle. However, if you know that your child prefers a certain type of inflatable, then we’d be happy to provide you with their favourites.
For further questions, information or requests, feel free to contact us and we will help you arrange the perfect children’s party with our soft play hire service.

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